Sunday, August 22, 2010

Well  I got the pictures up and will get more as  they come .  If you have any ideas or questions please let us know . We will welcome all thoughs and input . See you soon Robie

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My mother and my self are opening up a store in Silverton Texas. It is a small town on the verge of growth.
The name of our store  is FOR HEAVEN SAKES , this was something my Nana Mac use to say when she was upset with us. As you can guess we heard that allot lol . Our store will be a furniture consignment /tea room/photography  with lots of little extras to go along.

The buildings my mother has bought are side by side , the small one use to be the town barber shop and the other was a (do not know yet).  We are joining the two buildings to give us more room to play in . I will have photos of the building and the steps we are going threw to refurbish them.  We are hoping to have the store up and running before Christmas gets here and have a open house party/Christmas party for the town . Well that is all for know  and thanks for stopping by Robie